Monday, August 25, 2008

Aunt Kay's Gluten-Free Creations

My brother and his girlfriend have been in town visiting from New York, so this past weekend, we took them to the Boulder Farmers' Market for a morning of shopping for fresh, local produce at our favorite vendors. Our first stop...Aunt Kay's Gluten-Free Creations. We discovered Aunt Kay earlier this summer. The farmers' market had expanded this year, we noticed, utilizing a small side alley a few steps down 13th street from the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse. In among those new vendors was Aunt Kay.

Aunt Kay is the gluten-free manifestation of the Outrageous Baking Company, and both enterprises, it turns out, are the brainchild of Pamela Fletcher, who began cooking gluten-free for her baby. Pamela has done a wonderful job perfecting her own GF flour mix, and then translating that mix into delectable goodies. Among our favorites are her lemon-poppyseed cake and her coffee cake. Her GF treats are rapidly gaining a strong foothold (and following) in Boulder County - you can find Aunt Kay's Gluten-Free Creations at the Boulder and Longmont farmers' markets, as well as at more than 25 coffee shops and other outlets throughout Boulder, Louisville, and Longmont.

- Pete


Anonymous said...

I LOVE her pumpkin bread!!!! and brownies! how they do it, I have no idea but the baking gods are on their side!

peterbronski said...

I agree. It seems everything she makes is delicious! Kelli and I haven't tried to make our own pumpkin bread yet, but we've been very successful making great brownies. They're pretty easy to switch over from standard to gluten-free. We'll post a recipe in the coming weeks, but if you'd like it sooner, just let me know and I can email it to you!

Cheers, Pete