Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Schar Update

Late last night I received an email from Julio, one of our readers. Julio had recently "discovered" Schar GF products during a two-week trip to Italy. Upon returning to the States, he searched for Schar products, which took him to our blog entry, the Gluten Free Mall, and the Schar website. He was shocked to find literally everything in the Schar online store listed as "temporarily unavailable."

I placed a call to Schar USA customer service this morning, and they explained that because the online store was a new feature of their website, they're still waiting for the products to come into stock. The current estimated waiting period is two weeks. Schar products also appear to be out of stock through Amazon. You can still buy them through the Gluten Free Mall, as well as at your local grocery store, if you live within their current distribution area.

Thanks, Julio, for alterting us to the current situation! Hopefully this is a unique and one-time circumstance, and not something that will repeat itself in the future.

- Pete

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