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Kelli and I have long been big fans of diverse ethnic cuisines. There's good, old American comfort food, of course. And then there's the Italian, Belgian, Polish and English foods of our heritage. But we also have a love for Mexican, Japanese and many more I won't list individually here.

I did, however, want to focus on Thai. We keep a few staple ingredients regularly stocked in our kitchen, and Thai makes a regular appearance on our dinner menu. There's pad thai. And coconut-red curry sauces. And a variety of stir fries. And noodle bowls, with rice noodles, chicken or shrimp, sugar snap peas, peppers, scallions, and whatever else we think to toss into the mix.

One thing that's so great about Thai cooking (aside from the flavors!) is that the component ingredients of many of the dishes are gluten-free (or easy to make that way). In the Bronski household, two companies have earned spots on our shelves and in our fridge: A Taste of Thai, and Thai Kitchen.

A Taste of Thai makes a variety of noodles, sauces, coconut milk and other ingredients. We usually keep a box each of the Rice Noodles and Extra Thin Rice Noodles in our pantry, ready to go. Each product on the web page contains a convenient link to a nutrition facts and ingredients page, where you can quickly and easily see if a given product is gluten-free.

Thai Kitchen makes a similarly wide variety of products. We especially like their red curry paste, which we find has the perfect blend of flavor and heat (spiciness). Thai Kitchen also has a central allergy information page, which lists all the company's products in an easy-to-read grid that tells you if a given product is gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, organic, etc.

Over the coming weeks and months, you can be sure we'll be posting some new Thai recipes, and when we do, you can be just as sure that when we make those recipes at home, we'll be using ingredients from A Taste of Thai and Thai Kitchen.

- Pete

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BJ in TX said...

I'm looking forward to some Thai recipes - there used to be a great place in E Denver (Thai Hut - now closed) that had a great panang curry. The packaged stuff tho tastes nothing like it, but that was my intro to Thai Food. Quite a departure from my ancestors' German food!