Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Why didn't I think of that?

Thanks to a friend's Facebook status update, I was alerted to the fact that the fast food world is abuzz with news of KFC's Double Down sandwich. The sandwich features two slices of cheese, two strips of bacon, and KFC's special sauce. Then get this...instead of using bread for the bun, the sandwich is packed between two deep-fried chicken breasts! It's literally a meat sandwich - meat (bacon) sandwiched between two layers of...meat (chicken). Holy caloric caper Batman! Apparently, for now it's being field tested only in Nebraska and Rhode Island.

While I'm not generally a fan of fast food, think of the implications for the gluten-free community (please - PLEASE - sense the tongue in cheek sarcasm here). All these years, Kelli and I have been working to perfect our gluten-free breads, or wrapping a hamburger in leaf lettuce. And to think, KFC had the answer...use meat! This has the potential to take gluten-free/low carb/Atkins diet sandwiches to unbelievable extremes of protein (and calorie) overload.

Umm...thanks, but no thanks. And in the meantime, coming tomorrow on NGNP: a review of the Nature's Path Organic family of GF products. Until then!

- Pete


Children's books fan said...

This is a great site. Wow, you really are helping people with this information. There is a lady I help out and she is an author and she also interviews companies and reviews GF products etc. I think you two should definitely hook up. She actually refers other helpful GF bloggers and sites on her gluten free blog and her gluten free site too. Let me know if you’d like to hook up and I can let her know. I think she would be interested in referring your site. Would you be interested in referring hers too? Thanks, Rosie

peterbronski said...

Hi Rosie... Thanks for your compliments. It's always nice to hear that the blog is having the positive impact we hope it does! I'd certainly be interested in connecting with Tina. Feel free to pass along my contact info ( However, until I've reviewed her site in detail, I can't make any commitment about "referring" her site on ours.

Cheers, Pete

gfe--gluten free easily said...

Pete--I was up late last night and just had to share that Letterman mentioned this sandwich in his monologue. He was pretty funny. At first, he paused and said "why are we all still here right?" ... like everyone would run out and get one of these. LOL Then he talked about the incidence of heart disease, etc. in America. The only positive thing about it I can think of is that maybe folks won't look at me so strangely now when I roll up some luncheon meat and cheese and eat that as my sandwich. ;-)


peterbronski said...

Hi Shirley... I wish I had seen that episode of Letterman! Kelli used to eat her luncheon meat and cheese rolled up all the time as a kid. Her mom called it a meat cookie! =)

Cheers, Pete