Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Foto: Smores

Labor Day Weekend this year was a much needed respite from a very busy end of summer. In addition to all the race recaps I've been posting, I was in Kansas on assignment (which yielded a previous Friday Foto of sorghum in the fields). Then came the holiday weekend, and then more madness... last weekend, I filled on a team that ran the Colorado Relay race. The relay involves ten-person teams running a combined 30 legs (hence, three legs per person) over the course of 175 miles. Kelli's boss was one of the ringleaders of a team, but they had an injured runner drop out, and so I filled in. Then, I spent the first four days of this week in southwestern New Mexico again on assignment. And so, finally here I am on a Friday night, at last catching my breath, and at last squeaking out just one NGNP blog post for the week.

In the spirit of catching my breath, I wanted to rewind the clock to Labor Day Weekend. We snuck away to the Medicine Bow Mountains north of Cameron Pass in Colorado, where we took Marin on her first bonafide camping trip. And of course, no camping trip is complete without the ultimate camping treat: the smore. You know the drill - graham cracker, fire-roasted marshmallow, chocolate, goodness. We didn't have GF graham crackers on hand, but we (Kelli) did plan ahead and bake a batch of blondie cookies, which we used instead. I got the fire roaring, and later in the evening, when we had a nice bed of hot, glowing coals, we set to work building our smores.

Kelli was the first to give it a try. It was mighty tasty, but the double blondie cookie overwhelmed the flavor balance of the smore. Her plan of attack for the future: modify the recipe to make a thin, lacy cookie so that the top and bottom blondie wouldn't monopolize the smore.

Based on her feedback, I opted to make mind an open-faced smore. Half the blondie, and hopefully twice the goodness. I was quite pleased, and so I think both of our approaches would work.

How did you spend your Labor Day? Any fun stories or food experiences to share? Do tell!
- Pete

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