Wednesday, December 16, 2009

AGFC Giveaway #2

Last month we gave away a copy of Artisanal Gluten-Free Cooking, just in time for Thanksgiving. We said we'd do it again in December, and here we are! You know the routine: to enter, email me at and include "AGFC Giveaway #2" in the subject line. We'll use a random number generator to choose the winner from among all the entries. Deadline to enter is midnight, this upcoming Saturday, December 19. The winner will be announced Monday morning, and we'll ship the book that same day so it'll arrive in time to be under your Christmas tree come the morning of December 25 (assuming you celebrate the holiday, of course. If you don't, the book will arrive by the end of next week!). Please include your mailing address with your email entry so that we can get the book to you ASAP (not to worry...your mailing addresses will be discarded immediately following the giveaway... you won't receive any unwanted mail from us!).

- Pete


Amanda on Maui said...

Don't include me in the count, but I've posted this on my twitter. I'll post it on my gluten-free twitter account soon too. This is a seriously good book. I love it! I gave my friend some of your mix yesterday to try for Krumkakes. I'll find out by the end of next week how they are.
Last night I made the chicken cordon bleu. Very good. I used Old Quebec sharp cheddar instead of swiss, and I didn't have a meat mallet so I used my egg pan to be the breasts out as thin as I could. I could always just buttefly the breasts instead of pounding them out. The sauce was delicious.

peterbronski said...

Hi Amanda... So glad you've been enjoying the cookbook! I love the way you modify recipes to make them work with the ingredients you have on hand, personal preferences, available kitchen tools, etc. We do the same thing all the time! Over years, I've used a meat mallet, the back of heavy pan, even my ancient Webster's dictionary, to press/pound chicken breasts flat. =)

Happy Holidays, Pete