Monday, January 18, 2010

Bora Bora Giveaway Winner

Thanks to all of you who entered to win the Bora Bora tiki coffee mug and organic cotton t-shirt! The winner is... Kara H.C. in Colorado. Congratulations! (Since today is a federal holiday, the package will go out in tomorrow's mail...)

- Pete


gfe--gluten free easily said...

Somehow I don't remember the original post, so when I saw Bora Bora giveaway winner in the feed title, you really had me going, Pete! Congrats to Kara! Sounds like a lovely gift for sure. Now if you ever do a trip giveaway to Bora Bora, I'm expecting a special email to let me know. ;-)


peterbronski said...

Hi Shirley... A trip giveaway to Bora THAT would be a giveaway! I can only imagine your disappointment at discovering the coffee mug and t shirt. =) I'll be sure to let you know if we have any high stakes contests!

Cheers, Pete