Monday, January 25, 2010

Cookbook Updates

It's been three months since our cookbook, Artisanal Gluten-Free Cooking, came out. What a journey we've been on already! There's much to report:

First, reviews have been coming in from far and wide, and much to our great relief, they've been overwhelmingly positive. There's always a moment of uncertainty when an author releases a new book. You hope: Will people like my writing? I now know that this feeling is only compounded in the world of cookbooks. People are going to eat what you right, there's much more at stake than just the writing, and they're going to love it or leave it. The reviews and feedback have come everywhere from publications (Publishers Weekly, Denver Magazine, Long Island Pulse), to other gluten-free bloggers, to Celiac and gluten intolerance support groups, to NGNP readers. You can read what everyone's saying over on our companion website. (The most recent additions are at the bottom of the page...)

Second, we're delighted to announce that the cookbook is already in its second printing, which shipped on January 22, 2010 (and should reach booksellers everywhere over the coming weeks...). We've used the second printing as an opportunity to tweak and update the cookbook here and there. The first edition contained a tiny handfull of typos (a misspelled name here, an incorrect page reference there). Those have all been fixed. We've also made three notable changes to five recipes the book:

1) Two recipes, we've discovered, contained errors - the Bread, and the Brownies. (Those of you who wrote me about how dense the bread was were right... I was originally inclined to chalk it up to regional climate variation, differences in flour measurements, etc. But enough comments came in that we revisited the recipe and discovered that it contained too much flour!).

2) Several months after the book came out, I developed a new and improved version of my pizza dough. True to our "brutally honest - take no prisoners" form of gluten-free blogging, we declared it better even than our own recipe in the cookbook. Well, if you're buying our cookbook, you should have our best recipes. So...the new printing contains updated recipes for Thin Crust and Deep Dish pizza dough.

3) Lastly, we (gasp!) omitted one recipe from the cookbook that was meant to be included: Mediterranean Lasagna.

Now, if you end up getting your hands on the new version of the cookbook, this is all largely irrelevant. BUT, if you own the first edition, you can print out PDFs of the five recipes in question by visiting this dedicated page of our companion website, which hopefully will make incorporating those updates into your edition of the book a piece of gluten-free cake.

And one final word of note: We've been in the media lately (hooray!). Two weeks ago, Kelli and I appeared on Colorado & Company on NBC in Denver where we did a gluten-free cooking demo segment (crepes with Irish whiskey brown sugar sauce) while chatting about the cookbook, gluten-free living, etc. The segment aired live but also broadcast again today. That same week, I was also in the radio studio doing an interview with The Splendid Table. From what I understand, the segment is due to go into national syndication starting January 29, though I don't know on what station and at what time it might broadcast in your area. (Splendid Table episodes are also available to download as a podcast from the website.) Finally, Easy Eats, "the magazine for gluten-free living," did a review of gluten-free blogs for the Winter 2009 issue. They reviewed more than 75 GF blogs, and we were one of four blogs to receive a "gold" rating, the highest rank. Many thanks to you, our NGNP readers, for inspiring us to make this blog the best it can be. Know that we're as committed as ever to live up to our gold standard...

- Pete


Amanda on Maui said...

Oh good! I'm glad to know that it wasn't just me who had difficulties with the bread. I know though too that I had problems with my yeasty beasties.

I love The Splendid Table. I listen to Lynn almost religiously. She and I spend a good deal of time in the kitchen together. I first started listening to her podcasts when I would go for walks.

Thank you for posting up the new recipes and thank you again for your book. Your cookbook is miraculous.

gfe--gluten free easily said...

Oh, no, mistakes in the book! I think it's impossible to catch everything the first run though. How gracious of you to fix immediately and provide PDF files for everyone else. Congrats on the second printing! Need to check out your companion site. :-)

I was so happy to be able to tell you about your gold medal honors. I was so excited when I saw you guys in the gold medal category--woohoo! I'm surprised you found the write-up online though. Most folks have not found it online. In general, I don't think Easy Eats publishes their magazine online, despite being an electronic publication only. They understandably push subscriptions. I was grateful to be among the blogs to be reviewed.

Can't wait to check out your links regarding recent publicity. I'm so happy that everything related to the book is going well, but I'm not surprised. ;-)


peterbronski said...

Hi Amanda... Yeah, the Splendid Table is a wonderful show!

Hi Shirley... I have yet to publish a book that hasn't had at least one typo in it somewhere. It seems inevitable that it will sneak past the watchful eyes of writers and copyeditors. =)

Cheers, Pete

Gluten Free Life TV said...

Peter and Kelli:

Thank you so much for allowing interview you and air one of the splendid recipes from your book Artisanal Gluten-Free Cooking. You have truly written a cookbook that should be in every kitchen, gluten free or not! I personally look forward to trying every one of the recipes, since I have decided that eating out is just not as delicious!

Angel Burch
Gluten Free Life TV