Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Calling All Local Taste Buds

With Memorial Day Weekend nearly here, for many, it's the official start of summer.  Summer, to me, means lots of grilling and outdoor dining.  And that means knocking back a cold beer or two.  In that spirit, I plan on holding a blind gluten-free beer tasting, and I thought it'd be fun to open it up to NGNP readers.  (Sadly, this means that unless you're able to teleport yourself a la Star Trek, then you must be local to participate).

We'll taste at least six gluten-free beers, including my Zonder Gluten Belgian Wit home brew.  The remainder will be some of the more widely available commercial GF brews - RedBridge, New Grist, Bard's, New Planet, and Green's.  (And possibly another one or two.)  It'll be interesting to see how they fare in a truly blind tasting - what kind of tasting notes people write, and how they rank the beers from most favorite to least favorite.

Here's how to participate: send me an email (pete@peterbronski.com), and I'll take the first 4 or 5 people on a first come first served basis.  You should, however, meet the following criteria:

1. You live in the Denver-Boulder-Fort Collins area.
2. You're gluten-free.
3. You like to drink beer.
4. You're not overly familiar with any one brand of GF beer.

Now, I'm not going to vet anyone and do background checks, but please try to adhere to the guidelines.  Thanks!  (And to clarify - the tasting will NOT happen over Memorial Day Weekend.  Once we know who's participating, we'll set a mutually convenient time and date in the near future...)

The results of the blind tasting and photos from the event will appear here on NGNP.

- Pete


Dr. Jean Layton said...

Wish I lived closer.
Curious as to which will be the lead, so I'll have to check back after the weekend.

gfe--gluten free easily said...

Now that sounds like fun! Can't wait to read the results. :-)


David said...

I love beer but am unfortunately gluten-y, not gluten-free. I am, however, very closely associated with someone who is gluten free. Does that count? ;-)

peterbronski said...

Hi Jean... We'll see how the results pan out!

Hi Shirley... It'll definitely be fun!

Hi David... We must just take you for the tasting. So far I've received a surprisingly low rate of response (maybe people have gone on vacation early for the holiday weekend?). Anyways, stayed tuned...we may need you!


peterbronski said...

Hi again David... had a typo in my last comment We "might" just take you. =) Does Steve drink beer?

Cheers, Pete