Monday, May 24, 2010

The Physical Challenge: Week 2

Another week has passed.  It was a time defined by continued progress, as well as by familiar setbacks.  As usual, here's the quick-and-dirty summary:

Training Days: 4     (To Date: 9)
Rest Days: 3     (To Date: 5)
Body Weight: 155.5     (Net Gain/Loss: -4.5)
Running Days: 3     (To Date: 7)
Running Miles Logged: 18.2     (To Date: 45.2)
Average Run: 6.0 miles     (Short: 5.6, Long: 6.4)
Cross-Training: Mountain Biking

As you can see, I've lost another 2.5 pounds, making for 4.5 pounds of body weight shed in the first two weeks.  Frankly, I'm a little surprised (but quite pleased) with how quickly I've dropped those pounds.  And I must emphasize - I am not starving myself, nor am I eating a diet of lettuce and celery sticks.  My gluten-free training diet over the course of the past week has been both well-rounded and filled with appropriately sized portions of comfort food: Belgian waffles, almond scones, cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting, BBQ boneless country-style ribs, Stromboli.  I have to attribute my success (thus far) in this department to "the little things."  Snacking less between meals.  Going for fresh fruits and veggies when I do snack.  Eliminating "throw-away" calories.  And eating a smaller portion of the indulgent foods, while filling the rest of my plate with healthy choices.  It's really quite a simple formula; one that's easy to implement, and one where I can seemingly have my cake and eat it, too.  How's that for a win-win situation?

A familiar setback did creep in this week, though.  I got sick, again.  In fact, I'm still recovering today, my seventh day of symptoms, and I have a little ways to go before I reach 100% again.  I first started feeling "icky" on Tuesday afternoon/evening.  It had all the makings of another viral relapse.  Wednesday, conveniently enough, was a planned rest day in my training schedule.  I took it easy, and hoped my body would fight it off.  I never did get as sick as I had during my many bouts this past winter, but I've been sick enough that I've been forced to scale back my training - in terms of the number of workouts (I've taken additional, unplanned rest days), the mileage of my runs (quite a bit shorter than I had hoped for this week), and the intensity of the workouts (I'm running a slower per-mile pace).

In a lot of ways, this mirrors the days when I used to get sick on gluten, pre-gluten-free (which thankfully feels like a million years ago).  So many times, I would have to revise my expectations, adjust my physical exertion and planned activity, because I'd be "sabotaged" by another round of gluten-induced sickness.  This time, of course, the problem isn't gluten.  It's a virus.  And I'm not letting it keep me down.  Though I've been sick, I've still been well-enough to train, and maintaining that routine and continuing to chart progress keeps my spirits high.  I have big expectations for the week ahead.

- Pete

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gfe--gluten free easily said...

Pete--I'm so happy you're making progress, but so sorry to hear you're sick again. I'm in no way a medical professional, but one has to wonder if it's possible to have so many viral issues. Like you said, similar to your gluten days. A lot of folks do have issues they (and often their doctors) think are viral before they find out they have celiac/gluten intolerance. Have you been checked for other food intolerances? It really might be worth pursuing through additional testing, elimination diet, etc. Just hope you get this behind you soon!



peterbronski said...

Hi Shirley... Thanks for your encouraging words! I've thought about the food intolerance thing, but nothing has changed in my diet (so unless I'd developed a new intolerance, this seems somewhat unlikely) and my symptoms are so different than my typical pattern related to gluten, lactose, etc. I still might pursue it, though. I need answers. I'm definitely getting better, and planning on staying that way! =)

Cheers, Pete