Monday, August 16, 2010

The Physical Challenge: Week 14

3.5 months down. 1.5 months to go! The big race is rapidly approaching, and the stats keep building:

Training Days: 3 (To Date: 47)
Rest Days: 4 (To Date: 51)
Body Weight: 151 (Net Gain/Loss: -9)
Running Days: 3 (To Date: 37)
Running Miles Logged: 43.4 (To Date: 389.2)
Average Run: 14.5 (Short = 6.7, Long = 30)
Cross-Training: None

Week 14 was a pivotal one in several ways. My weekly mileage total has been in the 30s for weeks, and at last, I've kicked over into the 40s. In addition, after knocking on the door of the 30-mile threshold in a single run for weeks as well, I finally did it. On Saturday, I pulled off a 30-mile trail run. (Strictly speaking, this is also the first time I've officially run a marathon, 26.2 miles) Yahoo! What's more, it felt pretty darned good. Granted, the elevation gain was fairly modest, but I still cranked out the run at a 10:30 per mile pace (in just under 5 hours 15 minutes), about 1.5 minutes per mile faster than my target race pace. Of course I was exhausted at the end of the run, but I was still able to function as a human being, and even chase Marin around the house that afternoon. The next day I wasn't sore at all, save for a bit of tightness in my hamstrings and a wee bit of soreness in my knees.

It's remarkable to think that a few short months ago I was running 3 or 5 miles at a time, and now I'm running 30 miles at a stretch, and basically doing a marathon every weekend, plus training during the week. I don't mean this as a boast. I'm truly amazed by see how far I've come and just what my body and mind can handle. I'm also hoping that by sharing not just my probable success at the upcoming race, but also the progress I make training along the way, that I can inspire you - especially the newly diagnosed with Celiac Disease and other gluten-related conditions - to show just how strong your body can become once it heals on a gluten-free diet.

Unfortunately, on the fundraising front, I have no news to report. I received no donations this past week in support of the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness. Please take a moment to visit my fundraising page, and make a donation today! They're a great organization with a great mission and a great cause that benefits all of us here at NGNP. Thanks!

- Pete


The Celiac Diva said...

Way to go!!!

peterbronski said...

Hi Celiac Diva... Thanks for the words of encouragement!

Cheers, Pete

theMom said...

This is great! I'm glad your foot is better this week.

peterbronski said...

Thanks Mary! Yeah, I'm very glad it's feeling good...

Cheers, Pete

*Kat* said...

You really do inspire me! I'm newly diagnosed as well, and went searching for blogging celiacs just to see how people out there were living with this condition. Your blog has really brought home to me that living gluten free is not a burden, it's just one small part of holistic healthy living. I've decided to train for a 5K later this year, though I've never run before, and I feel amazing! So thanks again for the inspiration, I enjoy reading your blog and wish you all the best!

peterbronski said...

Hi Kat... Many thanks for your kind words! I really appreciate it! Good luck with your 5k later this year. That's fantastic! If you have any training or nutrition questions, I'd be happy to share what I know. Do you know which race you're doing?

Cheers, Pete