Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Foto: Cilantro Sauce

Today's Friday Foto was unabashedly inspired by Wahoo's Fish Taco, which we reviewed in January earlier this year. Their Wahoo fish bowl comes with grilled fish, rice and beans, pico de gallo, a side of fresh soft corn tortillas, and a cilantro sauce that Kelli just dies for. I'll admit, it's pretty tasty.

When we were planning our own night of fish tacos recently - complete with fresh corn tortillas, grilled mahi mahi, fresh salsa, and sauteed peppers and onions - we knew the meal wouldn't be complete without one thing: our own version of Wahoo's cilantro sauce. More than a year ago we did a Friday Foto recipe for Cilantro Dipping Sauce, which differs from today's recipe in important ways. Compared to the dipping sauce, which was intended for a dish such as yuca frita, today's Cilantro Sauce is more of a cilantro paste, perfect over fish, and with a different flavor profile thanks to the addition of cider vinegar and scallions.

Cilantro Sauce

3 scallions
1/2 bunch cilantro
1 garlic clove
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
1/2 lime, juiced
salt and pepper, dash each, to taste
1/3 cup olive oil

1. Blend all ingredients through and including the salt and pepper in a food processor until smooth.
2. Drizzle in the olive oil while the food processor is still going to incorporate.
3. Serve over your favorite fish tacos!

Simple, easy, fresh. Enjoy!

- Pete


theMom said...

I've got my own cilantro lime chicken finishing up on the stove right now.

I didn't plan tomatoes with it, but I think I'll add some after looking at your photo. I've got half a large one left in the fridge to use up.

Amanda on Maui said...

Here in Hawaii Wahoo is called Ono which means delicious. I really love Ono, it's so ono. That's the use of the terms for you.

This sauce looks delicious, and we love cilantro around here. I've been wanting to do more fish dishes since Whole Foods Market arrived, and I am so looking forward to mimicking this.

Oh, by the by, my friend loves your Pad Thai recipe. She made a jumbo batch of it last night after I prepared it for dinner last week. Yum!

peterbronski said...

Hi Mary... Great timing! Cilantro minds think alike... =)

Hey Amanda... Thanks for that anecdote! I love that the name of the fish (Wahoo) and the taste (delicious) are the same word (ono). So perfect. Whole Foods sells a wonderful double pack of frozen, vacuum sealed Mahi Mahi (I'd prefer fresh, unfrozen, but hey...we live in Colorado, so sometimes we'll take what we can get..).

Glad to hear your friend loves the pad thai! We make it often for lunches...


Amanda on Maui said...

I'll be making this Friday with some Ono!

peterbronski said...

Sounds good! We're making it again tonight... Fish tacos on the menu. Yum!

Cheers, Pete