Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cupcake Voting, Revisited

Okay folks. We're a few days into voting, and I've been very excited to see all of your votes coming in! Keep it up!

But I also have to remind people: I specifically said that you can ONLY vote by leaving a comment for your favorite flavor in the post. I also said that you CANNOT vote by email, text or phone. And yet, I've received at least 10 votes by email. I do not have the time to compile those votes and transfer them to the blog post (I'm too busy baking cupcakes with Kelli!). If you emailed me, your vote will not be counted. Please visit the blog post in the link above and cast your vote there.

Also, if possible, please log in when casting your vote, so we can "verify" your identity. Earlier today, we got 3 votes within 4 minutes, all for carrot cake, all by people listed as anonymous. Look. I love carrot cake as much as the next person. But when 3 anonymous people cast 3 votes for the same flavor in 4 minutes, I get suspicious that someone is trying to skew the results. If that's the case, not cool. The whole idea of the vote is to make you - our beloved readers - a real and active part of the cookbook process.

Keep the voting going! So far, it's looking like a tighter race than I thought it might be, with some unexpected front-runners!

- Pete


lindac said...

voting for carrot cupcakes

Karen said...

voting for chocolate with coconut